Create in me a pure heart, O my God, and renew a
tranquil conscience within me, O my Hope! Through the
spirit of power confirm Thou me in Thy Cause, O my
Best-Beloved, and by the light of Thy glory reveal
unto me Thy path, O Thou the Goal of my desire!
Through the power of Thy transcendent might lift me up
unto the heaven of Thy holiness, O Source of my being,
and by the breezes of Thine eternity gladden me, O
Thou Who art my God! Let Thine everlasting melodies
breathe tranquillity on me, O my Companion, and let
the riches of Thine ancient countenance deliver me
from all except Thee, O my Master, and let the tidings
of the revelation of Thine incorruptible Essence bring
me joy, O Thou Who art the most manifest of the
manifest and the most hidden of the hidden!
-Baha'u'llah, Baha’i Prayers, Pages 142-143.


from Melodies of the Nightingale, released January 1, 1997




Elika Mahony Beijing, China

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Elika is a world citizen with a passion for creating uplifting and soothing spiritual music.

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