Rejoice with exceeding gladness (Swedish) - a song for Ridvan

from by Elika Mahony



This Ridvan song in Swedish is a shortened version of the full piece 'Rejoice with exceeding gladness', a song in six languages composed specially for the Bahá'í Festival of Ridvan. Languages for the full version include: English, Swahili, German, Chinese, Spanish and French. It is intended to be sung by the whole community.

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To read more about the full version of the song:


"Jubla i yttersta glädje, o Bahás folk, när ni påminner er den största lyckans dag,"


from Rejoice with exceeding gladness - A song for Ridvan!, released April 17, 2015
Music composition & piano: Elika Mahony
All guitars: Larry Magee
Verse vocals: Ann-Sofie Wensbo
Chorus vocals: Elika Mahony & Nasim Anayati Maani
Chorus echoes (vocals and arrangement): Ann-Sofie Wensbo
Percussion, production & mixing: Jarome Matthew




Elika Mahony Beijing, China

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