Waves of One Sea

by Elika Mahony



'Waves of One Sea' is a global singalong featuring 240 participants from 44 countries and regions! The verses are sung in six languages (English, Swahili, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and French). The song is an anthem of joy calling for a united world. The music is a combination of varied cultures, styles and instruments, including the djembe from Africa, acoustic guitar from Morocco, erhu, pipa and guzheng from China, the melodeon from France, and cello, piano and flute.


English: Let your heart burn with loving kindness
for all who may cross your path.

Swahili: Acha moyo wako uwake kwa wema
kwa wale wote wanaoweza kupita njia yako.

Spanish: Dejad que vuestro corazón se encienda con amorosa bondad hacia todos los que se crucen en vuestro camino.

Chinese: 要让你的心为所有你遇到的人燃烧出炽热的爱火。

Yao rang ni de xin wei suo you ni yu dao de ren ran shao chu chi re de ai huo.

Italian: Fate che il vostro cuore sia pieno di amorevole gentilezza per tutti quelli che incontrate sul vostro cammino.

French: Que votre coeur soit embrasé par une affectueuse bonté envers tous ceux qui peuvent croiser votre chemin.



Ye are all the leaves of one tree.
Ye are all the waves of one sea
- ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


released April 19, 2021
Elika Mahony (English and French)
Auntieclare Rezin (Swahili)
Ali Youssefi (Spanish)
Tracy Chen (Chinese)
Naim Abid (Italian)

Piano: Elika Mahony
Guitar: Amine Naami
Guitar: Larry Magee
Flute: Jeff Waldo
Cello: Brenda 小小
Percussion: Gustave Wayenece
Additional audio editing: Fei Hou
Additional keyboard & instrumentation: Jarome Matthew
Production, engineering & mixing: Jarome Matthew

Additional vocals:
Ayana Douglas
Amelia Mahony
Allison Grover Khoury
Amelia Rae
Milan Rosen
John Luckey




Elika Mahony Beijing, China

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Elika is a world citizen with a passion for creating uplifting and soothing spiritual music.

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